Thai Investors Association Revealing the evaluation results on Arranging the annual general meeting of the company by considering from the company Disclosure of sufficient, transparent information And taking into account the rights of all shareholders, etc. that have “excellent” quality for many consecutive years

The Company expanded line of business to operate motor insurance services which subsequently became one of the Company’s main business.


The Company moved from Yaowaras road to Yukhon 2 road because of business expansion.


The “Jaroenchaipong” group invested in the Company as a main shareholder. From 1942 to 1975, the Company increased its registered capital several times up to Baht 10 million.


The Company removed its head office to be located in theVictoryMonumentarea.


The Company with registered capital of Baht 50 million bought a land in Bangsue district for constructing its new head office. 


The Company increased its registered capital to Baht 100 million.  It was also registered as a public limited company.


The Company increased its registered capital to Baht 200 million with 12.5 million paid-up shares.


The Company transferred its head office to 767 Krungthep-Nonthaburi road, Bangsue district to readily support the growth of insurance business.  It this year was also listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.


Paid-up capital increased to 13.9 million share.


After considering the Company’s operation, financial position and social responsibility, the Office Insurance Commission (OIC) granted the Company the Outstanding Management Award-honorable mention for the year 2010.


Thai Institute of Director (IOD) declared that the Company’s corporate governance was rated “very good”.

2012 and 2013