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Fire Insurance

Coverage covers damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, vehicle danger, aircraft disaster and water damage

Insurance benefits and exceptions, coverage and benefits under the insurance policy conditions That has been approved by the company Click here

Economical fire insurance package for retail (Micro insurance)

Economical premiums for every type of home for a single price, whether it is a whole concrete house, a concrete half-timbered house Or the whole wooden house Buy insurance premiums for only 400 baht !! Click here


War disaster, insurrection, strike, revolution, coup

Radiation, nuclear

The house is divided into 3 types

1. 1st floor house (plain concrete house), the whole house structure is concrete, such as the house wall, pillars, roof structure is concrete

2.2nd floor house (half house, half wood) Half of the structure is concrete. Half of them are wood For example, the house on the ground floor is concrete. The top layer is wood.

3.3rd floor house (pure wooden house), the whole house structure is wooden, such as the house wall, pillars, roof structure, the whole house

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