Miscellaneous insurance

Who can buy travel insurance?

Thai people or people who are domiciled in Thailand

Thai people or people who are domiciled in Thailand Or Thai people who move domiciles to live in a foreign country with one of the following documents

– Foreign work permit
– Retirement visa
– Visa Annual Multiple Entry Visa

If I return home early, will I receive a partial refund?

We do not refund insurance premiums.

We do not refund insurance premiums for policyholders who have requested cancellation of coverage after they have started coverage.

What is the insurance period for personal accident insurance?

The insurance period is year to year.

The insurance period is year to year. Automatically renew Only you pay the premium within the period that the company file & use

What is the coverage of personal accident insurance? And how much territory it covers?

Personal accident insurance provides protection

Personal accident insurance covers loss or damage caused by bodily injury of the insured by accident. Which the company provides protection from accidents 24 hours a day around the world.

Miscellaneous insurance?

Accidental illness and injury

Health insurance

Accidental illness and injury Is something that not everyone wishes or wishes to happen But sometimes we can’t avoid it. But you can trust that
You will be well taken care of. Without worrying about the burden of expenses later If an undesirable incident happens to you

Health insurance is a department in Nam Sin Insurance Pcl. Which is managed by health insurance professionals, the company’s personnel Is an experienced person Expertise
And expertise in the market of health insurance for more than 30 years, which you will receive the best service

In addition, the coverage conditions can be adjusted. To cover and support customers’ needs appropriately Including personal health insurance plans
And group health insurance Which will protect the benefit medical fee Both inpatients And outpatient Whether you are injured as a result of an accident or
Illness due to disease