Frequently Asked Questions in the category of car insurance

Car insurance How many types are covered?

Car insurance is divided into 2 main types.
1.) Compulsory car insurance Also known as insurance under the Act
Compulsory car insurance Also known as Insurance under the Act is an insurance law that compulsory for all cars to have insurance. According to the law
Protection for car victims, 1992, covering all car accident victims who suffered from car accidents. Whether drivers, passengers, pedestrians ….

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Type 1 insurance provides coverage including car accessories or not ? Sp

Protection company The insured must be informed by specifying in the insurance application form that there are some decorative accessories while requesting insurance.
The insured does not notify the company. The insurance policy provides protection against cars, accessories and decorative items. Or something attached to the car according to the standard installed
Come to the car by the factory Or distribution center only

In the case of installing a gas car, is it guaranteed?

The car is fitted with a regular gas guarantee but must have added insurance coverage. By bringing the gas installation price x 80% and + to the sum insured And specify in the box Equipment for installing NGV gas
Or LPG (Installation price not over 13,000 baht, no need to increase capital)

When the car ownership is transferred Will the insurance coverage remain? ?

When the insured transfers the car to another person It is considered that the transferee is the insured under this policy and the insurer company must be responsible. According to the insurance policy
Continue throughout the remaining insurance policy, in the case of insurance specifying the name of the driver The insured must notify the driver of the change to the company.
Know insurance In order to adjust the insurance premiums according to the changing risk conditions Otherwise the insured May be responsible for damage
The first part is according to the insurance coverage conditions that appear in the policy.

If I stop using the car, will I be able to refund the insurance premium? ?

The insured can notify stop using the car. To claim the insurance premium back from the insurance company Which must notify in advance to request to stop using the car (Such as in the case of
Go abroad For a long time to return the insurance premium to the average daily) do not return the insurance premiums from stopping to use the car in the case Stop using the car during repairs or
Stop using the car for less than 30 days.

What is the Deductible Damage?

Amount (amount) the insured must be responsible for themselves In the event of a claim for damage

Procedures for fixing the damaged car

1. The company will repair your car by the standard garage that is a contract with the company. 2. Before bringing the car to repair, you must remove valuable items from the car. And check the items to fix whether correct or not 3. When the garage is finished Please check the order before receiving the car. If found not completed Or does not meet the damaged item For you to notify the company immediately