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Automobile Act

Or the Act on Car Victims Protection Act 1992 is compulsory insurance, that is, the law requires that all vehicles registered with land transportation must act. And must be provided as a basic (Which is different from voluntary insurance), so that people in every car or those who use cars on the road are sure to be entitled to coverage. Regardless of whether the person is in the car or out of the car or the person who uses the road, walked, hit, hit, people who suffer from the car are injured or die from any car related events. Will receive medical expenses in a timely manner

The compulsory insurance act consists of

1. Preliminary damages mean damages to the life-bodily of the victims due to the use of the car that the insurance company must pay. Without waiting to prove liability and to be considered as part of the compensation as follows

1.1 Medical expenses not over 30,000 baht

Disability / dismemberment or actual cremation cost 35,000 baht, totaling not more than 65,000 baht

2.The amount of damages in excess of the initial damages are as follows:

2.1 In case of injury not more than 80,000 baht

2.3 Loss of organs

– 1 or more missing fingers, 200,000 baht

– Loss of organs 1 part 250,000 baht

– Loss of 2 organs, 300,000 baht

(Coverage limit when combined with initial damages Combined not over 304,000 baht)

Table showing the act’s premium rate, including tax on each type of car (baht)

1. Car powered by an engine

2. Electric powered car

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